Keeping Up With the Cucks – The Pepsi Ad Disaster


Photo courtesy of TV Line

By Albino Ando

This week has just revealed how many shades of censorship Australia and other western countries are adding to their PC swatch chart.

Things that have happened this week include, the cancelling of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s speaking engagements (quite upsetting as I was not only to attend but I was also supposed to meet the woman herself), an event which is beginning to shed light on the revolting censorship in this country, and also the pulling of a Pepsi commercial starring reality television star Kendall Jenner.

Granted the ad is a bit stupid and the average person wouldn’t think much of it, however it seemed like something that once upon a time you saw, maybe cringed a bit while watching and then shrugged off as you continued to go on with your life. But no, not in this day and age of so-called “progressive” values.

The synopsis of the video is that a plethora of people are marching down the street in what we assume is protest and a made up blonde-wig-wearing Kendall is watching from a building. Then a young protester beckons Jenner to come and join. Jenner then whips off her wig, wipes off her lipstick and joins the protest. Among Jenner are young people of all different ethnicities and faiths enjoying the protest. The commercial concludes with Jenner giving a can of Pepsi to a police officer who then smiles and the crowd cheers. The commercial concludes with Pepsi’s “live for now” slogan.

Wow that sounds like a nice thing to aspire to? People of all walks of life enjoying themselves in harmony, right? WRONG!

So the young audience Pepsi was targeting did not react in the way they had planned…

12345And my personal favourite…


How did a seemingly boring, stock standard idea for a commercial turn into “this celebrity is trying so hard to be controversial and use our issues for their commercial gain”? So when Beyoncé, who is African-American, dressed her dancers up like the Black Panthers at the Super bowl that was OK? She relates to the lower class black struggle even though her six figure-earning father gave up his career to make her a superstar by age 16! Also, in her own words, she drove a jaguar and went to private school. As well as being one of the richest women in Hollywood married to one of the richest men in Hollywood. Oh, and he’s black too. That isn’t exploiting current political issues for her own gain?

Pepsi almost immediately after pulled the ad from circulation and publicly apologised to the offended and to Kendall herself.

The ad also attracted attention from Black Lives Matter member DeRay McKesson, who was quoted saying,

“I was arrested in Baton Rouge, I was arrested in St. Louis, been in the street tear gassed at so many places, and a can of Pepsi would not change that”.

“[This ad] made protests seem like it was this fun thing that people did in the street as opposed to a fight against injustice and making sure our voices were heard,”

With the fact that Black Lives Matter has accomplished nothing the people may as well be, DeRay.

This is proof of what the ridiculous feminists, social justice warriors and other regressive leftists do. They make something trivial a civil rights issue so they can protest about it (often to get media attention for themselves), then when they get their way as they did here by getting Pepsi to remove the commercial, they appear brave to biased media.

However, let’s get to some deeper issues, shall we? Let’s actually address hardship amongst African-Americans in debate. Take the one with Ben Shapiro discussing these issues with members from the movement (one whom is a member of the NAACP) for example. Real issues were brought up and proper questions were asked. “Why are so many Black teenagers dropping out of school? Why is the crime rate amongst African-Americans is so high?” The Black Lives Matter supporting side of the panel had no answer…. Why is it that not answering the uncomfortable question is more important than reaching your goal? The goal you claim to want to achieve on CNN and on YouTube.

Muslim women in Australia said they wanted to debate Ayaan Hirsi Ali but how could they when members of the Islamic community prevented her from speaking?

They claimed a lot of what she says is rooted in misogyny and stereotypes but how can Ayaan Hirsi Ali be a misogynist or ignorant when she has an organisation to help Muslim girls? Did they say anything about Muslim boys being able to refuse to shake hands with their teachers or a Muslim man saying on national television that, “hitting your wife is last resort?” Those are rejections of western society being perpetuated by their own community but alas it’s much easier to criticise an outsider than one of your own.

Had Pepsi kept the commercial up a conversation would have begun, the conversation Black Lives Matter claim they want to begin, however it was easier to not hurt people’s feelings. Naturally Pepsi also want to keep their sales up and avoid boycotts.

It’s a shame that instead of caring about the actual education, health and well being of African-Americans, women, immigrants, Muslims and the LGBT community a lot of commentators care more about the percentage of supposed victimhood they have to their name and how many times they can divert the attention away from the behaviour the supposedly oppressed communities are partaking in that is the reason for their struggle.

This is the fear the left has, ‘self-criticism’, whether it be crime in the African-American or Muslim refugee communities. There is never any kind of acknowledgement of one’s own wrong doing. That’s a pretty common thing to come across in many facets of life, however when you constantly point out other’s wrong doings but fail to notice your own it’s not mature, classy nor is it progressive. Look at Salon Magazine, white people have to answer for the Charleston Massacre but the Pulse nightclub shooting had nothing to do with Islam. Al Jazeera (funded by the Qatari government) constantly criticise Trump’s attitudes to Syrian refugees when Qatar has taken in barely, if any refugees themselves

If a small group of a certain minority are consulted on every media portrayal or piece of art that may affect them, are the issues that minority may be facing dissipate? I don’t know about you but I doubt that anyone in that Pepsi commercial has had a major turnaround of their lifestyle, or families living in gang-ridden neighbourhoods in Chicago are doing any better. I doubt that equal gender representation on traffic lights have led to any progress in women’s rights. Just ask the young women around the world who are lying down with their legs bound and bleeding profusely due to female genital mutilation.




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