I’m P’oed about… TRUMP CARE

Photo courtesy of Gambit Weekly

By P’oed Pete

This week I am incredibly grumpy about ‘Trumpcare’. On Friday morning (May 5th) Australian listeners awoke to hear about the news of President Trump gloating about the US House of Representatives passing a bill that sets out to repeal many aspects of the current “Affordable Health Care Act” popularly referred to as Obama Care. Other laws passed were ones that allows Churches to make more political comment without the fear of losing their generous tax exemptions.

Once agin the right has badly exposed itself, like here in Australia, as being the friends to the big end of town and kooky religious zealots. This all happening at the same time they try to convince the plebs out there that they are doing us a massive favour and will improve access to health care and make it more affordable. “What a joke.” What is even sadder Trump is blatantly betraying the trust of many who voted for him – the so-called deplorables.

In short if the US Senate passes this repeal bill big insurance companies will once again be allowed to set their own premiums and charge whatever they like for those who have pre-existing medical conditions. Undoubtedly health will become very expensive, with insurance premiums rising and condemning the USA health system again, to be only accessible for those who can afford it.

Like I said in my last article “The Fall of the Right” to make any sense of what the conservative side of politics gets up to you just need to follow the money trail. ‘Why is Trump so keen to repeal Obama Care, the USA’s first attempt to create a public Medi-care equivalent? ‘Surely he realises that left to their own devices the insurance companies will raise premiums, particularly those who have pre-existing medical conditions?’

The answer is simple. The ones that will benefit from these changes to policy will be the big health insurance companies – the very same ones that have been ‘healthy’ – please excuse the pun’ – contributors to Trump and the Republican Party.

So ironic too that this was all announced on the same day “Fizza” Malcolm Turnbull (playing lapdog) was to meet personally with President Trump. The 1 hour meeting in New York has been reduced to just 30 minutes after 7pm as Trump has been too busy back-slapping Republican House of Representative members he bussed up to the White House rose gardens.

I hope as Nancy Pelosi suggested Trump is brave enough to call these health changes as “Trump Care”, so when the health companies hike up premiums and many Americans are denied access to health care the public can identify those ’Quisling’ Republican representatives who were party to this betrayal of the public’s trust.


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