A.E.M. Update – Who are we?

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A.E.M. Update – What is this channel?

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Affected Empire has taken a break for a few weeks. There have been several reasons for this. The first, and the most exciting, is that A.E.M has gone through a re-branding period. During the short time this channel has been up and running the identity of it has changed quite dramatically. We started focusing on political commentary, but have recently moved on to more comedic sketches. Into the future, we will be infusing these two genres by focusing on youth issues. We will be the mouthpiece for the often silenced voice of the younger generation.

To do this we will be implementing a new schedule to better produce and upload content. Thursdays will be ‘news day’. This will look similar to our early videos. We will discuss the current news headlines, analysing how this affects the younger generation and offering new points of view. Wednesdays will be ‘sketch day’, similar to some of our most recent videos. These will offer commentary on issues that you’re interested in, like University.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new focus is that it allows us to venture into different avenues. It brings us great pleasure to announce that A.E.M will be producing our own movie. This will be released later on in the year. The script is already being written! A.E.M always wants to move with the future and its technology. There has been a boom of online content, with the mainstream rise of YouTube. You just have to look at popular online series like Poppy to see the massive potential video sharing can have. Instead of approaching bigger production companies or TV channels, we will be producing our own movie featuring all of the Affected Empire writers and presenters you’ve become accustomed to. Segments will be uploaded every week, creating an ‘episode’ every month. These will all link to eventually create an entire movie.

As usual, original articles will be uploaded two times a week, but with a new focus on youth issues and interests. This is not including video posts from our channel, which will be uploaded with behind-the-scenes photos and footage. All of these changes are incredibly exciting. Be sure to keep up to date by joining the Affected Empire now!


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