Who: We are an independent online journalism platform founded by Kurt-Lee David. We have a small team who create weekly articles and videos.

Why: We represent the ‘voice of the voiceless’, but not in an airy fairy way. We believe the real voiceless in modern society are normal people who do not believe in any one ideology. Realistic, real-world opinions, free from bias are near impossible to find. We cut through the bullshit, and deliver the cold hard facts in an accessible way.

What: We create online written content and also YouTube videos.

When: We post our major videos Thursdays, 12.00pm. We post written content throughout the week.

Where: Our YouTube videos can be found on our channel. All written content is posted on Affected Empire.com. Follow us on social media for all updates.

What does our name mean? – ‘Empire’ refers to long established views of modern life that has dominated media since the 1940s/50s. Our name refers to a movement called that is occurring that gets rid of the stereotypical, glorified version of life that is often depicted. We value realism and truth, which we search for with every article.