Criticising Islam is not RACIST

moscow-cathedral-mosque-prospekt-mira-ramadan-sky-161276.jpgby Kurt Lee-David

This article was made into a video 

In a successful, functioning society, if something goes wrong we check it at the source. Free speech directly allows us to criticise things that we feel are out of order. Right now, we have something that is out of control. That problem is Islam. There have been 30,557 fatal terror attacks since 9/11 in the name of Islam. Across 50 countries, 11,774 people have been killed and 14,303 have been injured ( These are staggering numbers. Obviously this is a systemic problem with the one thing tying them all together, Islam, right? It simply cannot be a coincidence that each and every one of these terrorists were a ‘few loose cannons’, a few ‘crackpots’. Yet, who comes to the defence of this group who threatens our lifestyle, threatens our freedoms, believes we are all sinful, disgusting cattle? The left… I have no idea why and it still confuses me to this day as Islam seems to go against everything the left stands for. Every time there is a new terror attack, which seems like every day, instead of uniting together to stop the cause, we all start finger pointing and getting idiotic, spineless tweets to trend worldwide like #notallmuslims or #illridewithyou. The latest trend is to call any and all criticisms of Islam, ‘racist’, the left’s favourite past time. In just a few weeks they will surely add the other buzzwords on like ‘sexist’, ‘privilege’ or ‘patriarchy’.

Islam is not a small, shivering minority that needs us to put it under our wings. They are one of the strongest, wealthiest superpowers in the world. They are big boys. They can take a few criticisms here or there. Yet we treat them like our little pet. Just recently, a politically fueled, Islamic terrorist mowed down, stabbed and killed five people and injured 50 in London. Surely this would be the time we take a stand and mourn for the innocent people we lost? No. We instead chose to focus on one Muslim woman for weeks on end that one person said looked a little suss on her cell phone. True, it turned out she was not suss at all, but we were all outraged over this one half accusation. When I pointed this fact out on Twitter, I got a reply stating that this was all because of ‘racists’. This confused me, as obviously, Islam is not a race of people. You are born into a race, yet you can choose what religion you belong to or it is thrust upon you. You can even choose how much you believe in it. I pointed this out, which was when I was finally privy to the mindless world of political correctness.

See, nowadays, we can simply change any definition of a word to suit any idea we may have. Racism is not anything to do with ‘race’ anymore, don’t be so stupid! Now racism is anything that makes you feel a little bit sad. Our journalistic heroes, BuzzFeed recently came to our rescue to justify why criticising someone’s religion is now somehow racist. They quoted Muslim Labor MP, Dr. Anne Aly.

“Because (attacks on Muslims) have the same motivations as racism and the same impacts of racism. So you can define racism as only being about a certain category or in terms of its mobilisers and its impacts. If you look at its mobilisers then you would consider hate speech against Muslims, racism.”

So it’s racism, because racism makes you feel offended, and you feel offended by the criticisms, so you both feel bad, therefore they are the same? I am sorry, but that makes no sense whatsoever. If I take great pleasure in eating macaroni and cheese, and someone takes great pleasure in murdering someone and eating them, we are not on the same playing field. Not even in the same universe. In the same light, if someone fairly questions your chosen religion (which is not doing so well at the moment), and someone else is unfairly beaten and lynched because of their race, you are not the same because you think you both feel the same. Just because you may have the same outcome of emotion, does not mean you both had the same journey getting there.

But we are all outraged about these strawmen racists and bigots! Just recently, Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancelled her speaking tour of Australia for ‘security reasons’. This is an outspoken, motivational former Muslim woman! If not even Muslims can speak about Muslims, than what chance do we have? Hirsi Ali was scheduled to appear on the Australian panel show, Q&A. Her absence was discussed on the show, which led to a debate about Islam. This discussion proved one thing. This is not a matter of racism. This is a matter of people wanting to live in their own fairy worlds, shielding themselves from touchy topics and opinions that they don’t like. This can be seen when the one Muslim panelist, Muhammad Yunus forgoes ‘free speech’, who wanted free speech, but only if it suited him and didn’t ‘insight people’.

This is the problem. We are more concerned with hurt feelings than solving problems. Thankfully former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt only seconds later destroyed this statement to a round of applause. This video is not about Islam. This video is about free speech and its protection. Masking fair criticism in false allegations of ‘racism’ is dangerous. Free speech is one of the wonders of our society, and it allows us to check things that are out of control. If we make the rational, irrational by throwing around false buzzwords, this will surely come back to bite us in the very worst way.