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Episode #005 – Courtney Haze: YOUTH ISSUES

Courtney Haze is A.E.M.’s roving reporter. On this week’s podcast we look at YOUTH ISSUES from drug use to University.

Episode #004 – Kurt-Lee David: A.E.M.

On this week’s episode, Kurt-Lee David goes rogue once more as he runs solo on his very own podcast.


Episode #003 – Scott Harding: SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES

Scott Harding’s recent article on the rise of women in Australian sport is AEM’s most viewed article and made waves all around the world. Scott has been a teacher and Head Of Department in both the UK and Australia.


Episode #002 – Julian Mott: TRADITION

Julian Mott has been a teacher, business owner and deputy Principal in both the UK and Australia. Julian was a part of the education system for over 40 years.


Episode #001 – Anonymous: EDUCATION

This episode’s guest has been a part of the education system for 30+ years. Their teaching experience has seen them travel all over the world. We discuss the problems with current day education.