I’m P’oed about… TRUMP CARE by P’oed Pete

This week I am incredibly grumpy about ‘Trumpcare’. On Friday morning (May 5th) Australian listeners awoke to hear about the news of President Trump gloating about the US House of Representatives passing a bill that sets out to repeal many aspects of the current “Affordable Health Care Act” popularly referred to as Obama Care.


The Fall of the Australian Right by P’oed Pete

Trying to make sense of Australia’s conservative and right wings politics is a real Chinese puzzle as there are strange bedfellows, faceless lobby groups and political agendas.


Australian Citizenship Test – A.E.M. Does it Live! by Kurt-Lee David

Can a native Australian answer 100% on the Citizenship test? Watch the video here


Affected Empire Podcast Episode #005 – Courtney Haze: YOUTH ISSUES

Courtney Haze is A.E.M.’s roving reporter. On this podcast we discuss YOUTH ISSUES from drug use to University. 

The Yassmin Abdel-Magied Facebook Meltdown – A lesson in hypocritical al-Taqiyaa by Kurt-Lee David

It baffles me to understand how such a prominent member of the Australian-Muslim community could not see the insensitivity of her post. It was irresponsible, especially since her position is to specifically promote Australian and Arab relations, which are at an all time low.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.49.43 pm

The Man With No Brain – Australian Politics by Kurt-Lee David

At the tender ago of six, Douglas Sidebottom was in a crippling car accident. His brain synapses were permanently fried, but he has lived on as a medical marvel. To this day Douglas has the appearance of a functional human being. Living in medical research centres, doctors continually probe him for ideas and opinions. Ideas from a man, with no brain…

Lest We Forget Political Agendas and Consumer Products by Kurt-Lee David

ANZAC Day is alarmingly following the same route as Christmas or Easter in becoming materialistic and agenda driven. What started as a day to remember the sacrifice Australian men and women made during military conflicts has turned into another excuse to sell products and glorify war.

Reconstruction Task Force 2 in Afghanistan

The Masterful Mo – Books Never Matched Biceps by Albino Ando

As a gay man, it gets pretty tiring to see the same old depictions of gay culture in everything we look at. Things such as Mardi Gras have the reputation of being a gay pride rally, but is this ‘in your face’ homosexuality really the best way of supporting the LGBT community, let alone bridging the gap with straight people who may harbour hidden bias?


United Airlines Fiasco – Principal of Earth

The Principal of Earth has just called an emergency assembly after hearing about a few students causing a scene on a United Airlines flight. God save us all…

A.E.M Podcast Episode #003 – Scott Harding: SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES

Scott’s recent article on the rise of women in Australian sport is AEM’s most viewed article and made waves all around the world.

And Then Sleeping Beauty Woke Up – The Rise of Women in Australian Sport by Scott Harding

Australia’s male-dominated sports broadcasters have to realise that there is only one large frontier left to conquer.


United We Drag – The United Airlines Disaster by Kurt-Lee David

As conflicts heat up in Syria and North Korea all the mainstream newspapers can seem to talk about is the recent United Airlines fiasco

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.02.03 pm

Keeping Up With the Cucks – The Pepsi Ad Disaster by Albino Ando 

This week has just revealed how many shades of censorship Australia and other western countries are adding to their PC swatch chart…



Mem Fox comes up with another story – U.S immigration myth debunked by Kurt-Lee David

The story of Australian children’s author Mem Fox’s (can we just call her Merrion already?) experience with U.S immigration has been beaten to death more than a baby seal during winter…



Criticising Islam is not RACIST by Kurt-Lee David – Video

In a successful, functioning society, if something goes wrong we check it at the source. Free speech directly allows us to criticise things that we feel are out of order…