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The Board Room that Okayed Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit by Kurt-Lee David


The Man With No Brain – Pop Music by Kurt-Lee David

Douglas Sidebottom was in a crippling workplace accident at the tender age of six that left his brain synapses permanently fried. But he lived on as a medical marvel. Now, he is probed by doctors and scientists for his ideas and opinions. This week, he is interrogated for his opinions about pop music. What would a man with no brain enjoy?

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Cookie Cutter Artists – Bon Appetit, Baby by Kurt-Lee David

Technological advancements in piracy and streaming services have contributed to the shrinking of the music industry. Napster in the 90s,Limewire in the 2000s and now Spotify in the 2010s has each contributed a shank to the Caesar of the music industry.


The Front Bottoms Interview – Brian Sella by Kurt-Lee David

Lead vocalist of New Jersey pop-punk band The Front Bottoms, Brian Sella, recently sat down and had a chat with Kurt-Lee David. The Front Bottoms toured Australia earlier this year. This interview was conducted just beforehand. We discussed the tour and also a bit about Brian’s personal life.

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Trivial Celebrity Opinion – Who are we really influencing? by Pansy Wilde

The concept of ‘celebrity’ has become so overblown that fame has now become synonymous with intelligence. The opinions of shallow celebs are now widely valued higher than that of professionals in the field.

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Cafe Etiquette – A.E.M Manifesto (Feat. Courtney Haze) By Kurt-Lee David

Cafes are everyone today. With the expansion of coffee snobbery you have to have your wits about you when it comes to caffeine intake.

The Need for Ideas is Killing Creativity – Amy Schumer and Joke Stealing By Kurt-Lee David

There is more content available to consumers than ever before. Thousands of hours of unique content are available at the fingertips of anyone who chooses to find it. To be a truly original creator is near impossible. 


Can We Just… Stop Casting Whomever is Most Popular in Every Role? By Pansy Wilde

We often see the never-ending spew of Hollywood sequels, prequels and remakes as lazy and unimaginative. Often times, they are… But it’s also just business.


Return of the Dead Horse – Why I am done with Star Wars by Kurt-Lee David

I am done with Star Wars… Another day, another cookie-cutter sci-fi product shoved in my face. The upcoming Star Wars’ movie The Last Jedi isn’t even out until the end of the year, but already fans are creaming themselves over snippets of trailers showing barely anything.


VOX POP – Men’s Fashion Mistakes by Courtney Haze


Guitar Masturbation – Why I am anti-solo – By Kurt-Lee David

Ultimately, solos are like wine. Anyone that says they are really into them are either simply lying to impress people or are borderline autistic about their instrument to the extent that they can’t relate to anyone else about it.

VARIOUS - 1967

Top 8 Male Fashion Mistakes – By Kurt-Lee David 

As millennials continually chuck out tradition, I am seeing a disturbing trend amongst men my age. Flattering, fitting, good-looking clothes are nowhere to be seen…