If ‘Turn It In’ Was a Guy

We have all spent hours slaving away on an assignment, only to be pipped at the post by the snivelling snitch, Turn It In. But, what would it be like if it was a person?

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Big Bird is Straight Up Savage – Big Bird Meme

I took my hand at creating some YouTube trash this week after I saw this clip from Sesame Street. It made me spit out my tea! Golly, I think Big Bird needs to go to some sensitivity training.

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The Man With No Brain – Pop Music

By Kurt-Lee David

Douglas Sidebottom was in a crippling workplace accident at the tender age of six that left his brain synapses permanently fried. But he lived on as a medical marvel.

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Cookie Cutter Artists – Bon Appetit, Baby

Photo courtesy of Red Hill

By Kurt-Lee David 

The monopolizing of the music industry has led to the demise of some of its most prevalent artists. When my face was exploding into my teen years like a pus-filled scab of adolescent angst, there were a myriad of musical avenues to explore. Every person I knew was older and much cooler than myself. They had the opportunity to personalise their identity by choosing what early 2000s trash they listened to. My older brother was an angsty teen with bleach blonde hair and chunky metal jewelry and blasted bands like Blink-182, Green Day or Linkin Park. My sister however replayed Avril Lavigne and Garbage so much that I still hear them echo in my mind.

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The Front Bottoms Interview – Brian Sella

By Kurt-Lee David

Lead vocalist of New Jersey pop-punk band The Front Bottoms, Brian Sella, recently sat down and had a chat with Kurt-Lee David. The Front Bottoms toured Australia earlier this year. This interview was conducted just beforehand. We discussed the tour and also a bit about Brian’s personal life.

I grew up in a tiny town in Australia. On your upcoming tour I’ve noticed you’re playing at some smaller cities such as Hobart, Canberra and even Newcastle. Most international acts only hit up Sydney and Melbourne. What made you decide to tour Australia so extensively?

We’re a band that has toured from the very beginning of our careers and we now know that the best shows of the tour will definitely be the smaller towns and the smaller venues. The kids there are more excited about it because [no other bands] really ever show up. I guess we try to make a point to go to the smaller towns, just to make sure everybody gets a little of the love.

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The Fall of the Australian Right


By P’oed Pete

Trying to make sense of Australia’s conservative and right wings politics is a real Chinese puzzle as there are strange bedfellows, faceless lobby groups and political agendas.

Nevertheless, this quagmire can be made a bit easier if like a criminal investigation one follows the money.

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Australian Citizenship Test – A.E.M. Does it Live!

The recent news about the Australian Citizenship Test has been creating quite a stir. Native Aussies are questioning its validity, even stating that THEY couldn’t answer the questions, so what hope would a foreigner have?

In this week’s new video, we put the rumours to rest as host Kurt-Lee David completes the test LIVE on camera.

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