The Board Room that Okayed Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit

The question must be asked, how was the new song by Katy Perry, Bon Appetit, okayed? Surely someone must have thought it was a bad idea.

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Big Bird is Straight Up Savage – Big Bird Meme

I took my hand at creating some YouTube trash this week after I saw this clip from Sesame Street. It made me spit out my tea! Golly, I think Big Bird needs to go to some sensitivity training.

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Group Work is Overrated – There Will Be Blood

There Will.png
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We have a new contributor to Affected Empire, oil tycoon Daniel Plainview.

We all at some point in our lives have been forced to produce a product with inept people all in the name of ‘teamwork’.

Mr. Plainview is fresh off being let down yet again by his group on his most recent school assignment. They were not happy with his APA referencing, they edited out his introduction and they demanded he put more snazzy custom animations in his PowerPoint.

But he is not having it! You lose, I am so sorry… View the video below!


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The Man With No Brain – Australian Politics

At the tender ago of six, Douglas Sidebottom was in a crippling car accident. His brain synapses were permanently fried, but he has lived on as a medical marvel. To this day Douglas has the appearance of a functional human being. Living in medical research centres, doctors continually probe him for ideas and opinions. Ideas from a man, with no brain…

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United Airlines Fiasco – Principal of Earth

There have been many chilling news stories in the recent weeks. As the media froths into a frenzy, all we need is an authority figure to give us a rousing.

Like a school principal!

Enter Principal Droopkich, who is the principal of planet Earth. The entire globe has come together for an assembly and he has JUST heard of the recent United Airlines disaster.

God save us all…

If you would like to read our original article on the United Airlines disaster with David Dao, it can be found here:

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