If ‘Turn It In’ Was a Guy

We have all spent hours slaving away on an assignment, only to be pipped at the post by the snivelling snitch, Turn It In. But, what would it be like if it was a person?

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Affected Empire Podcast Episode #005 – Courtney Haze: YOUTH ISSUES

Your host is Kurt-Lee David

Special guest is Courtney Haze

Episode #005 of the Affected Empire Podcast is now live on our YouTube channel!

This episode’s guest is A.E.M. contributor Courtney Haze. Courtney is A.E.M.’s roving reporter and has recently published a video responding to our ‘Men’s Fashion, Do’s and Don’ts’ article.

In this article we talk about YOUTH ISSUES. We discuss everything from drug use to University.

See Courtney’s video here:

VOX POP – Men’s Fashion Pet Peeves

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Cafe Etiquette – A.E.M Manifesto (Feat. Courtney Haze)

By Kurt-Lee David and Courtney Haze

Cafes are everyone today. With the expansion of coffee snobbery you have to have your wits about you when it comes to caffeine intake.

AEM contributors Kurt-Lee David and Courtney Haze ventured out last week to their favourite cafe to give you the lowdown on coffee etiquette.

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The link for it is below:


VOX POP – Men’s Fashion Pet Peeves

Featuring Courtney Haze

This week we decided to venture into the field and get YOUR opinion when it comes to men’s fashion pet peeves.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of you agreed with the points we shared in our original article. 

See below a gallery of some of the beautiful people we got to interview! Thank you all so much for sparing some of your time.