The Board Room that Okayed Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit

The question must be asked, how was the new song by Katy Perry, Bon Appetit, okayed? Surely someone must have thought it was a bad idea.

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Cookie Cutter Artists – Bon Appetit, Baby

Photo courtesy of Red Hill

By Kurt-Lee DavidĀ 

The monopolizing of the music industry has led to the demise of some of its most prevalent artists. When my face was exploding into my teen years like a pus-filled scab of adolescent angst, there were a myriad of musical avenues to explore. Every person I knew was older and much cooler than myself. They had the opportunity to personalise their identity by choosing what early 2000s trash they listened to. My older brother was an angsty teen with bleach blonde hair and chunky metal jewelry and blasted bands like Blink-182, Green Day or Linkin Park. My sister however replayed Avril Lavigne and Garbage so much that I still hear them echo in my mind.

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