If ‘Turn It In’ Was a Guy

We have all spent hours slaving away on an assignment, only to be pipped at the post by the snivelling snitch, Turn It In. But, what would it be like if it was a person?

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Affected Empire Podcast #004 – Kurt-Lee David: A.E.M.

By Kurt-Lee David

Episode #004 of the Affected Empire Podcast is now live on our YouTube channel. 

The founder of A.E.M., Kurt-Lee David, goes rogue once again as he runs solo on his very own podcast.

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Thank you all so much and our thoughts go out to everyone who is remembering their ancestors on this ANZAC day.

United Airlines Fiasco – Principal of Earth

There have been many chilling news stories in the recent weeks. As the media froths into a frenzy, all we need is an authority figure to give us a rousing.

Like a school principal!

Enter Principal Droopkich, who is the principal of planet Earth. The entire globe has come together for an assembly and he has JUST heard of the recent United Airlines disaster.

God save us all…

If you would like to read our original article on the United Airlines disaster with David Dao, it can be found here:

United We Drag – The United Airlines Disaster by Kurt-Lee David